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Non-emergency transport and travel

The Wales Transport Strategy 2021 was launched by the Welsh Government to create an accessible, sustainable transport system.

It aims to encourage people to change their travel behaviour to make greater use of low-carbon, sustainable travel. This includes making alternatives to car travel, such as walking, cycling and public transport, more attractive, easier to use and more affordable.

We know this will be difficult for people living further away from the hospital, or when someone needs emergency care, or are not able to consider alternative options for other reasons. However, in line with national policy, we are developing our new Urgent and Planned Care Hospital with a prioritisation for active travel.

This means we want to make it as easy as possible, and encourage all those who can, to walk or cycle to the hospital. We also want to support public transport over transport by car, so will work with other organisations to improve public transport to the final hospital site. We acknowledge transport by car will be necessary for some people, and that enough parking is needed for those patients, staff, and visitors who need to travel by car.

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