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Pelvic organ prolapse

Your pelvic organs include the bladder, uterus (womb), vagina and bowel. Your pelvic organs are usually kept in place and supported by the pelvic floor muscles and surrounding tissue structures (muscles, ligaments and connective tissues).

Sometimes your muscles and tissue structures do not work as they should, and one or more of the organs may no longer sit in the ideal position and can droop. Your pelvic organs may then bulge into the vaginal canal or even externally to the body.

  • Your bladder and/or urethra can protrude into the vagina, creating a bulge.
  • Your rectum and/or small bowel can protrude in to the vagina creating a bulge.
  • Your uterus can droop in to the vagina.

Sometimes the prolapse can be caused by the last few inches of your bowel dropping down and sticking out through your bottom (anus). This can feel like a lump is sticking out from the back passage (rectal prolapse).

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