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Audit and Risk Assurance Meeting 25 February 2020

 Agenda Audit and Risk Assurance Committee 25 February 2020 (PDF, 260Kb)
 Item 2.1 Minutes of the Meeting held on 19th December 2019 (PDF, 184Kb)
 Item 2.2 Table of Actions (PDF, 697Kb)
 Item 2.5 Audit and Risk Assurance Committee Self Assessment of Performance 2019-20 (PDF, 776Kb)
 Item 2.6 Annual Review of the Committee Terms of Reference and Membership (PDF, 244Kb)
 Item 3.1 Financial Assurance Report (PDF, 475Kb)
 Item 3.2 Annual Statement of Financial Procedures (PDF, 145Kb)
 Item 4.1 WAO Update Report (PDF, 203Kb)
 Item 4.2 WAO Audit Plan 2020 (PDF, 301Kb)
 Item 4.3 Wales Audit Office Structured Assessment Report and Management Response for Structured Assessment 2019 and Revised Responses to Previous Recommendations that are ‘not yet complete' (PDF, 707Kb)
 Item 4.5 WAO Integrated Care Fund (ICF) Review Update (PDF, 118Kb)
 Item 5.1 Internal Audit Plan Progress Report (PDF, 713Kb)
 Item 5.2 Preparedness and Compliance with the Nurse Staffing Act – Additional Testing (PDF, 341Kb)
 Item 5.3 Medical Devices (Reasonable Assurance) (PDF, 477Kb)
 Item 5.4 Cyber Security (Stratia Report) (Reasonable Assurance) (PDF, 424Kb)
 Item 5.19 Research and Development Department Governance Review (Limited Assurance) (PDF, 507Kb)
 Item 5.20 Bronglais General Hospital Directorate Governance Review (Limited Assurance) (PDF, 546Kb)
 Item 5.21 Update on Private Practice (Response to IA and WAO Reviews) (PDF, 124Kb)
 Item 6.1 Mental Health Legislation Assurance Committee Assurance Report around the Discharge of their Terms of Reference (PDF, 258Kb)
 Item 7.1 Counter Fraud Update (PDF, 1.2Mb)