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Innovative Heart Palpitation Clinics launched

04 May 2022

A project has launched in the Tywi / Taf (2Ts) cluster with the aim of integrating the community cardiology model with primary care. This will enhance service provision for patients who present with palpitations to reduce waiting times between referral to first appointment within the heart palpitations service. This will be the first primary care-based palpitations clinic to be delivered in a cluster in Wales allowing care closer to home. 

To help address wait times, this service has been developed with the aim of providing a more rapid response to patients’ needs, especially for those at perceived at lower risk. The project will provide early assessment of patients with palpitations in the primary care setting, giving risk assessments to high-risk patients to be referred to a cardiologist.

Dr Kerry Phillips, GP Lead for the 2Ts cluster, said: ‘’We are very excited to integrate further specialist cardiology services into our local model, providing a timely service for patients closer to home utilising new technology.

“Patients will benefit from an improved service with rapid diagnosis or reassurance in a community setting.’’

This project will be led by an Integrated Cardiology Nurse with experience in heart rhythm management and investigation. This will help to promote the integration of cardiology services across primary and secondary care.

The Palpitation Clinics have been a great success so far, with wait times down to well under 4 weeks. Patients have responded well to this new service and have seen quick and positive outcomes to this new model of treatment. The future goal of this project is to increase and expand the integration of cardiology services between primary and secondary care.  

(Pictured: Andrea Evans, Cardiology Nurse and Dr Chris Horn, GP)