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Reminder to parents with children in year one – book a sight test

young boy having his eyes tested

If during the pandemic your child has progressed from reception to year one, school nurses are requesting that you take your child to an optometrist to have their eyes tested.

This is due to the School Entry Review being unable to take place due to ongoing lockdowns and school closures.

Good vision is essential to ensure children have the opportunity to achieve their full visual, educational and social potential. Children may not realise they have a vision problem, which, in turn, may affect their development and education.

It is therefore advised that you contact you optician to book a Sight Test for your child, to ensure that any issues can be picked up at the earliest opportunity.

The optician will be able to advise when a Sight Test is possible. All staff will be wearing PPE in line with Government guidance.

NHS sight tests for children can be accessed from all optometry practices (opticians) in Wales. For more information, visit:

If you are concerned about another aspect of your child’s health, please contact your GP to discuss.