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Carmarthenshire Therapy Dogs

21 October 2022

Carmarthenshire Therapy Dogs have been visiting Glangwili General Hospital recently. Their most recent visit was to Cilgerran ward as part of Play in Hospital week.

The Carmarthenshire Therapy Dogs scheme started in 2015. They work independently, visiting referrals including some of the health boards wards. The volunteers and their dogs are recruited, assessed and DBS checked, and they are noticeable by their branded clothing and matching dog coats.

One of the volunteers will now be regularly visiting Cillgerran, and Towy ward at Glangwili Hopsital. The aim is for more volunteers to join the team to allow them to visit more health board wards.

These volunteers are supporting people in care home settings, hospitals and schools across Carmarthenshire and surrounding counties, bringing comfort, and reducing loneliness and isolation.

Karen Thomas, Head of Therapeutic Play said: “Play Week was a great way to raise awareness of the importance of therapeutic play in patient recovery. Having the dogs and the volunteers visit is a great benefit to our patients and our staff. We’ve seen a great response from patients who are often more reserved.”

Sue Smith from Carmarthen Therapy Dogs said: “The benefits have been positive. As a service we make sure we always have staff member with us during a visit at all times and we believe that apart from the service user, the staff of hospital wards are one of the lateral beneficiaries of a dog visit.”

Carmarthenshire Therapy Dogs can be found on Facebook Carmarthenshire Therapy Dogs | Facebook contact Susan Smith at Tel:07980591580.