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Connect to Kindness - New campaign launches

Connect to Kindness aims to create more understanding about the benefit and impact of kindness to ourselves and others in our community.

“Scientific studies have shown that simple acts of kindness make a big difference to wellbeing and that kindness is good for you,” said Rebecca Evans, Senior Public Health Officer from Public Health Wales.

“When people witness the benefits of your kindness, they will feel inspired to take part, creating a positive chain reaction,” added Wyndham Williams, Community Connector Plus Officer from Pembrokeshire Association Voluntary Services

As part of the campaign, the regional partners will be developing stronger community networks in order to create an environment where acts of kindness can flourish and happen more easily.

“The aim is to inspire people to become more active citizens and take positive action to combat loneliness in their local area,” said Tessa Hodgson, Cabinet Member for Social Services in Pembrokeshire.  

“The work will be based on an intergenerational approach that helps new connections to develop naturally between everyone and anyone in our communities.

“We all have something to offer, something that can make a difference to others around us. One act may seem trivial to us, but could make the world of difference to a person who is feeling isolated.”

Connect to Kindness has grown out of a programme developed within the Healthier West Wales Transformation Fund. The partners are Pembrokeshire, Ceredigion, and Carmarthenshire County Councils, the Pembrokeshire, Ceredigion and Carmarthenshire Associations of Voluntary Services, Hywel Dda University Health Board, Public Health Wales and the West Wales Care Partnership.

Connect To Kindness Five Key Messages

  1. Kindness is for everyone - Kindness is inclusive, it knows no barriers or discrimination and is for everyone! 
  2. Kindness is good for you - Medical research has proven that being kind and receiving kindness has a positive physical effect on us
  3. Kindness connects us - It brings us together and helps us share 
  4. Kindness protects us - It has been proven that being kind and receiving kindness helps us live longer and happier lives
  5. Kindness is inspiring - When others are kind we are more likely to be kind ourselves

And it starts with ONE person, YOU. 

Join us to take action and learn more about the Connect to Kindness Campaign in West Wales and the impact that kindness can have on ourselves and our communities.


Register today and make a pledge to a kinder future.
It Starts With You

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